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Geoff DeasFounder & Creative Director

For Geoff, becoming a footwear designer was as much about athletics as it was about academics. Growing up in the Northeast and playing a sport each season, Geoff was always searching for the right shoes to fit his athletically diverse lifestyle. From cleats to boots to basketball shoes, Geoff’s passion for footwear stemmed equally from performance and fashion.

As a student at the Massachusetts College of Art, Geoff’s industrial design curriculum required that he create product in many categories – not just footwear. He learned to cater to specific demographics and target niche products to consumers. Geoff graduated with honors alongside only 12 others who were able to complete the ID program.

Geoff began his design career at Item New Product Development, where he designed everything from kids’ toys to medical products. His passion for design flourished, as did his eagerness for year-round sunshine.

Geoff soon moved West to California, where he began a career that includes designing footwear for brands such as Diesel, Pony, Sean John, Nautica, And1, Energie, 55DSL, Simple and Teva.

As the founder of FreshTrax Design, Geoff utilizes his diverse design background to bring innovation, creativity, ideas and a strong work ethic to all projects. His passion for the creative process continues to grow, as does his eagerness to experience new adventures that will inspire him to develop a new generation of product.





Ryan Haynes, VP Business Operations

I am recommended by 4.5 out of 5 people that recommend stuff.

20 years + When necessary, will use conventional, unconventional approach(s) and /or tactics if circumstances require a need to “get the job done”.

Fused knowledge of executive leadership, product development, sales, marketing, manufacturing operations and logistics to develop an innovative consumer line of fragranced acetic acid (vinegar) based natural household cleaners,

companion animal cleaners. Developed a private label brand of pet grooming for a national branded company as well as line a of personal care products for an Atlanta based company for domestic and international distribution.

  • Captured shelf placement in arguably one of the most competitive consumer categories in the retail grocery industry.
  • Negotiated freight LTL, promotional and sales contracts with distributors, retail managers for shelf placement and direct store placement for products.
  • Established, maintained and grew existing business with distribution and retail channels.
  • Directed new product development and new product launches.
  • Overcome complex business challenges and make high stake decisions using experience-backed judgment, along with a strong work ethic.


Lisa-4Lisa Dixon, Project Development

Lisa is the one that keeps the creative types around here on task and makes sure we meet the all important deadlines! She guides our projects from beginning to end with a unique client focused perspective. A background in both marketing and training makes her a critical part of our team.

Here are a few fun facts:

– Could live on french fries alone if it was the last food on earth.
– Unmatched organizational skills, seriously it’s like a super power!
– Favorite quote “In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is BACTERIA.”